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I Have Been Managing a Building

This is really something that I fell into, because the landlord at my apartment complex needed someone to do this job. Obviously the great thing is that you wake up and walk out your door and you are at work, this is the bad part too. If something goes bad in the middle of the night the tenant is going to want me to get up and fix it. I have been taking some online classes at this place called the National Apartment Association Education Institute, but I really do not think that I want to stay in the business of managing apartments per se. Instead I am thinking about the same thing with homes. I knew this guy who was friends with my older brother, and he made a lot of money doing the sort of real estate dealing you see on TV. In fact he and his father in law bought houses pretty much the same way that you or I would buy a piece of gum. Continue reading

An Apartment with the Best of Both Worlds

My sister and I decided to look at two bedroom apartments in North Las Vegas to see if we could find one that we are happy with. We knew that it would be cheaper to live together, but we also knew that the apartment complex would have to be just about perfect to please both of us. We are so different in nearly every way, but we still love each other and get along pretty well, despite all of our differences. We knew that the apartment that we would share would have to have great features inside for me as well as awesome community amenities for her.

I have always been the shy bookworm type while she has been the social butterfly ever since we were kids. Whatever apartment that we would get would have to be nice for me, because I just don’t get into a lot of group activity things. Continue reading

Finding What We Wanted at Cherry Creek Real Estate Was Easy with a Realtor

I was used to living along the coast in the upper Northeast part of the country, so it was not that big of a deal to be moving to the Denver area. My wife’s relatives are there, and she wanted to move back home. I had no problem with that as I do not have any family close to where we were living anyway, and prebooked flights are cheap. My wife was looking at Cherry Creek real estate options through a Denver Realtor. We were looking for a luxury home that had all the things we wanted. I like a nice big fireplace. A real one, not one of those ones that burn natural gas fire over ceramic logs. Sometimes those are hard to find in luxury homes as the ashes of wood burning are associated with inconvenience. Continue reading