Finding What We Wanted at Cherry Creek Real Estate Was Easy with a Realtor

I was used to living along the coast in the upper Northeast part of the country, so it was not that big of a deal to be moving to the Denver area. My wife’s relatives are there, and she wanted to move back home. I had no problem with that as I do not have any family close to where we were living anyway, and prebooked flights are cheap. My wife was looking at Cherry Creek real estate options through a Denver Realtor. We were looking for a luxury home that had all the things we wanted. I like a nice big fireplace. A real one, not one of those ones that burn natural gas fire over ceramic logs. Sometimes those are hard to find in luxury homes as the ashes of wood burning are associated with inconvenience.

Sure, we wanted conveniences, but we wanted the real deal for some things as well. It turns out that Denver is a great place to find real fireplaces. It does get cold and snowy there in the winter, and it seems that the comfort of a real wood fire is still a staple to a lot of homes. We are both partial to real hardwood floors too. Not that laminate overlay stuff. I like the look of real stained oak hardwood in a room. Oak is tough, and it can be refinished many times. Laminates need to be replaced.

Ceramic tile and granite in the bathroom was a must too. No bathroom should ever have carpeting. Plus, bathrooms should have a large and deep soaking tub in them, not just a big walk-in shower. We got a place with a really big tub that has jets too. Very nice. We just laid it out there to the Realtor what we wanted, and he found it in the Cherry Creek real estate area where we wanted to move to.