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Persistence Pays Off: Know More About The Women Who Prove That It Really Happen

March is the month of women appreciation, a month were all women across the globe are celebrating their day and yes, we are referring to the International Women’s Day who has just passed by. For those of you out there who are pondering about the thought of what International Women’s Day really is, well, as what its name implies, it a day specifically intended to celebrate women, all women, from every corner and every face of the earth. Regardless of your color, your size, your shape, your background, your religion and even your race, regardless of who you are or where you from, as long as you’re a woman, this day is for you. International Women’s Day exist not just to give women a day to celebrate their womanhood but also, this day exist so that all the achievements that they got and all the struggles they have surpassed and still battling with will be identified, not to mention the fact that such day also highlights the gender gap both in perception and equality hence, this day holds great meaning and importance to all women across the globe.

Although, it has been said that there has been huge progress made for the last years and decades however, what’s sad is that the progress is still not where it should be. There are still cases of women being massively underrepresented at board level, instances when they are getting paid eighteen percent less on the average and also, they are still getting disproportionately overlooked with regards to promotion, regardless of whether it is consciously done or not.

Women, there is no need for you to just stay at where you are right now as it is now possible for you to become successful, to shine the brightest in the near future, even though there are trials and obstacles that you need to face as you go along. You may not know it but persistence really do pays off and it proves that it has the ability of making anything possible. For that reason, we hope that the women we will be introducing to you in this article will inspire you and motivate you to be the best woman you can be as they themselves made it possible to break the high glass ceiling, proving that with persistence, anything is possible.

The very first woman we will introduce to you is Baroness Michelle Mone and she is well-known for not just being the co-founder and CEO of Ultimo but also, for being a parliamentarian. Baroness Mone, although she got the title of a baroness, was not born with a silver spoon on her mouth as her family is poor that she grew up in a singe bedroom flat without money. At a very young age, baroness Mone already started working to make money for her family and when her father became sick, she was forced to leave school to support her family. She has been through a lot before a stroke of luck changed her life.

It was not easy for her to start her company as it took a lot of hardwork, determination, perseverance, and even persistence for her be where she is right now. The business she started, Ultimo, is now known for being a famous and well-loved lingerie company.

J,K, Rowling is a renowned author who was loved by many through her book Harry Potter, which gave her the fame she has now but, did you know that even before Harry Potter was born, she was once a poor, single mother to her daughter, separated from her husband of less than a year and had to survive through a meager welfare check given every week? When she finally wrote Harry Potter, she also faced a battle for her first book as it was passed on by twelve publishers before it became an international sensation that it is right now.

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